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We are a leading provider of recruitment and employment placement services in the Greater Boston and South Shore areas to Cape Cod. We pride ourselves in utilizing 30 years of experience and a vast network of relationships to meet the needs of our clients, ranging from leading national employers to small family owned businesses to individual prospective employees.

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Working with ID Staffing Solutions means your job placement is backed by the dedication of our entire staff not just your single point of contact.  We work with candidates seeking employment at all skill levels; as well as companies of all sizes who are seeking to fill roles with strong candidates.

Our team of recruiters specialize in a wide range of industries and work diligently to get you placed in your ideal job.  Likewise, as a hiring manager you can rest assured our vetting process means we’ll introduce candidates who align with both the skill requirements and your corporate culture. 

ingrid drago

ingrid drago

Ingrid Drago is a widely-respected and savvy networker, with over 30 years of experience in all facets of human resources, recruiting, and placement services.  Drago and her team of seasoned professionals have a strong reputation for providing unparalleled service to both companies and individuals seeking employment.

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